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SINZ Social Networking Policies

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Club SINZ Rules and Regulations

1.) “No means No”. This is a private social organization for the enjoyment of both men and women alike. Everyone has the right to inquire of another whether they would like to engage in any type of sexual activity or nudity. (Bearing in mind that such activities are to be performed off the club premise) No one has the right however to disregard any other person’s wishes. Therefore should anyone decline your invitation, or overtures, you shall respect that “no” and you shall not bother, annoy, harass, or persist. Should anyone decline your invitation or overture, an explanation of why is not required and any attempt to force a member to provide an explanation is a violation of these rules and regulations. You hereby agree, and take responsibility for, saying “no” to any conduct or behavior that makes you uncomfortable.

2.) No Prostitution. Prostitution is the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire. Sexual activity involves the anus, the vaginal area, and the penis/genitals.  Therefore, no one is permitted to ask, solicit, or partake in the touching or any other type of contact with another person’s penis/genitals, anus or vaginal area for compensation. Compensation does not require money to be exchanged but rather involves anything of value regardless of how trivial that value may be. Anyone who solicits prostitution, engages in prostitution in any manner, way, shape or form, appears to be involved in prostitution on the premises, or appears to be making appointments for prostitution off premises will be immediately removed from the premises and have their private club membership revoked. Paid escorts or other similar guests are strictly prohibited from SINZ events at all times. Should a member be accompanied by a paid escort, they will be asked to leave immediately and their membership revoked. You also acknowledge that any membership dues, fees, or other amounts paid to Club SINZ are solely for operation of the club, and the facilities provided and not for any sexual activity you may observe or participate in while a member of Club SINZ

3.) No Joking About Prostitution. Since solicitation of a prostitution is simply a verbal act of one person communicating to another person that they wish sexual activity to occur for hire, even joking about sexual activity for hire can be misconstrued to be soliciting prostitution. Therefore any joking or fooling around about prostitution or acts that may constitute prostitution will result in your immediate removal from the premises and your membership in the club revoked.

4.) No Drugs. No illegal drugs will be permitted on premises where Club SINZ conducts meetings. Illegal drugs are drugs that you are not permitted to have by law. Therefore, although a drug may be a prescription for one person, if another person possesses that drug it will be illegal to that person. Should you be required at any time to take any drug while on the premises, it must be dispensed from the prescription bottle in the name of the person taking the drug.

5.) No Guns or Weapons of Any Kind shall be permitted

6.) No Cameras, Video or Audio Equipment or Cellular Phone Cameras shall be allowed inside the premises. Club SINZ is a private club. The members of this club have paid a membership fee and user fees to attain this privacy. All members of this club expect that this privacy will be honored and that they will not find themselves at any time, on any type of picture, audio or video recording. Should anyone without prior written permission of the management and the members in question bring any type of recording device not limited to cameras, audio and video recording devices, or cellular phones with camera capabilities on the premises, it is hereby acknowledged that the event will violate the right to privacy of all other members present at that time. By singing these rules and regulations where indicated, you agree not to record, photograph, videotape, or otherwise memorialize, any activities conducted by Club SINZ without the prior express written consent of both the members being recorded and Club SINZ, which consent shall be withheld at the sole and absolute discretion of Club SINZ. Any violation or attempt to circumvent this section 6, will result in the member being asked to immediately leave the Club SINZ activity and the revocation of membership

7.) No Inappropriate Conduct with other members or with the staff of Club SINZ. As with “No means No” as a member of the private club, Club SINZ, you agree to respect other members wishes for privacy and enjoyment. Therefore you shall not engage in any inappropriate touching or non-consensual touching, nor will you behave in a manner that is disruptive to others enjoyment. Loud, obnoxious, and inconsiderate behavior will not be tolerated. Should you act in an inappropriate manner as determined by management or should management receive complaints about your behavior that is verified by management, which management deems to be inappropriate, then you will be immediately asked to leave the premises. Should this occur more than one time then your membership will be revoked. Fraternization with Club SINZ employees is strictly prohibited.

8.) You Must be 21 year of age or over to become a member of Club SINZ or enter Club SINZ activties. You must have a valid photo ID to enter our clubs

9.) Your membership is solely for yourself. Anyone caught allowing another person or couple to use his or her membership card or to pose as he or she for the sake of entry without being a member will have his or her membership revoked. Membership(s) is/are issued to the person(s) on the membership application. If an existing member brings another person who is not on the membership application in place of the person on the application, a new membership must be applied for and purchased.

10.) Orientation. Should you have any concerns as to what might take place or what might be viewed at Club SINZ activities, then before becoming a member you should ask management any questions you might have or concerns. Should you not take this step in asking any questions you might have as to the nature of the Club, and then it is assumed that you know the nature of the Club and approve of the same.

11.) Limited Space. Should Club SINZ activities be filled to capacity upon your arrival, you understand that regardless of the fact that you are a member you will not be allowed to enter and said inability to enter shall not be grounds for any refund of membership fees.

12.) Membership Card. No member shall be allowed entry without a membership card present. Replacement cards can be obtained for a fee of $5.00

13.) Alcohol. Club SINZ does not tolerate irresponsible drinking. Anyone suspected of being unduly intoxicated will be asked to leave immediately. Furthermore, any arguments, verbal, or physical, will not be tolerated at Club SINZ activities, and the argument participants, regardless of fault, will be asked to leave. Memberships of participating parties may be revoked at Managements discretion. No outside alcohol is allowed.

14.) Club SINZ strongly suggests that all members practice safe sex. Sex acts are forbidden from most Club SINZ activities, however Club SINZ takes no responsibility for the failure of any member or guest of Club SINZ to practice safe sex, from sex acts occurring from interactions between members. You hereby release Club SINZ from any and all liabilities resulting from the failure to practice safe sex or the engagement in sexual activities of any nature.

15.) Confidentiality. Club SINZ is a private club with a strict confidentiality requirement. Absent a valid, binding, final order from a court of appropriate jurisdiction, you agree not to reveal the identity of any members or guests of Club SINZ. Further, you agree not to disclose the activities or events that occur at Club SINZ activities, to any non-members of Club SINZ. You understand that violation of this confidentiality policy may have serious ramifications for those whose privacy you violate and may subject you to civil liability. Anyone violating this policy will have their membership revoked and banned from Club SINZ.

16.) Vandalism, theft, or other harm to properties that are used by Club SINZ to conduct activities is strictly prohibited. Any damage incurred by members, members agrees to reimburse Club SINZ 120% of the costs. Violators will be immediately escorted from the premises, their membership revoked and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

17.) Dress Code. Club SINZ has a strict dress code and may deny entry for inappropriate attire. The dress code is established by Club SINZ management and is subject to change at any time.

18.) Membership Restrictions. Club SINZ membership is restricted to committed couples and single females. A single female is defined as a female that is not married or otherwise engaged in an extended or committed relationship. Club SINZ supports an atmosphere of sexual honesty and does not support members that are acting outside the established rules of their relationship. Club SINZ does not discriminate of the basis of race, religion, body type or sexual orientation.