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Please see the Special Events page for informaiton on our latest special events. This page is a summary of some of our regularly scheduled upcombing events. 

SINZ Social Networking events are restricted to members and are published on our social networking site as well as on,, and To attend your first event please compelte the 'Become a Member' online application. After this is done you will recieve specific information on how to attend our events, addresses and other important details.

Many of our events are 'themed'. Participation is voluntary but always fun and we have a pretty good participation rate, so its pretty unlikely you will be the only one in theme.

Attendance at our events varies and is unpredictable, and because members can RSVP across so many different sites, the numbers on any one site are not generally accurate. Unlike other clubs we do not require RSVP or advance ticket purchase to regular club events. Members may voluntarily RSVP on the site or other social sites like SLS.