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Once there was a time when adults ruled the night. We had places called 'nightclubs' where anything could happen (and often did), where memories were made, the music was loud, men talked politics & sports and the women were simply amazing. It was a place where couples could enjoy their success, the company of their peers, and each other, away from the younger set.

Sadly, such places are virtually extinct. 

SINZ Social Networking has dedicated itself to the idea that adults should always have a place to call their own and that nights are better when anything can happen.

If you remember what it was like to own the night, enjoy great cocktails, dance with your partner and be part of an innocent (or not) flirtation, then read on.

You may decide to become one of us and Live a Little! 

The Darkroom

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THE DARKROOM is SINZ latest creation for its members. THE DARKROOM is a permanent, furnished photo studio space that can be rented by up to 6 guests. It will also host ‘camera club’ photography sessions for serious photographers to practice their skills in photographing the female form. It’s also the perfect spot to have a date night!

private rentals

The DARKROOM is available to SINZ members on a reservation basis for parties of 2 to 6.

We felt there was a need for something like this. Many of us love to take photos or model or simply find a unique, intimate spot to host another couple. This can be difficult to do at home, especially if you have children and want to work with another couple or a professional photographer! Small rooms are difficult to work in, there is no lighting or props, and the results are never what you want. You can try a nice hotel room but they are expensive. After taxes, and parking you can spend several hundred dollars for a room that you do not intend to stay in overnight. In addition you still have the issue of being in a public space, and ‘neighbors’ to be concerned about. The rooms itself is not much better equipped.

THE DARKROOM solves all of these problems by featuring:

  • 1000 sq ft space , twice as big as your average hotel room.

  • Lockers for personal effects and to allow you to change into multiple outfits

  • Photographic lighting both built in and movable, along with chroma key backdrops

  • A variety of ‘sets’ including

    • A huge designer leather sectional couch

    • A stripper pole

    • A Sybian`

    • and a separate room featuring a unique 7’ ROUND bed

  • A dry bar with full size refrigerator for your beverages and/or food.

  • A newly remodeled bathroom (no shower)

  • 55” flat screen for viewing your results

  • FREE Parking next to entrance

  • The ideal spot for a date night!

The specific location of the DARKROOM is limited to those who would like use of the facility. However, it is 10 min from downtown Portsmouth, 10 min from downtown Dover, 20 min from Exeter, and easily accessible from Route 4/16

The DARKROOM is located in a commercial building with tons of free parking.

The DARKROOM is reserved by the evening. Rentals are for a 4 hour session, additional time billed hourly. You have exclusive use of the space during that time. Pricing is determined by day of the week, you are allowed up to 4 guests.

  • Basic Members Monday-Thursday - $110

  • Gold Members Monday-Thursday - $90

  • Basic Members Friday & Saturday - $150

  • Gold Members Friday & Saturday - $125

  • A host/assistant can be provided to any session who will assist you in using the equipment, moving furniture, as well as offer tips of posing, lighting, etc.

  • You are also welcome to bring your own professional photographer as one of your party members.

  • Clothing and makeup are your responsibility

  • The facility is BYOB

Other times available by special request, email us at

Reservations are pre-paid. Fill out the reservation form below and if your requested slot is available you will be sent an electronics invoice. There are no refunds, if you cannot attend your reserved time we will reschedule your appointment.

You will be required to agree to our Terms and Conditions for the DARKROOM which can be found here

CAMERA CLUB SESSIONS- Thursday evenings

The DARKROOM will host open sessions on a monthly or bi-weekly basis depending on demand. These sessions can be attended by anyone with an interest in celebrating the female form through photography. Models are provided by SINZ. (If you are interested in becoming a model, please click here). Models determine their own limits from fully nude to swimsuit/lingerie modelling. Sessions are intended to be collaborative, with everyone working together to explore different lighting and poses. Models will be under release so the photographers have the rights to their work. Photographers are expected to have at least amateur to semi-professional camera equipment, phone photography is not allowed. Videography is not allowed in public sessions.

Camera Club Sessions - $40 per session, sessions are limited to 6 photographers. (Basic members are allowed to Public Sessions)

If you are interested in renting the DARKROOM please fill out the form below and you will be given a payment link if your time is available. SINZ recommends you book at least one week in advance though we will try to accommodate short notice requests.

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