La Passion Avant Tout ...Passion Above All

New England's Premiere Couples Experience


Once there was a time when adults ruled the night. We had places called 'nightclubs' where anything could happen (and often did), where memories were made, the music was loud, men talked politics & sports and the women were simply amazing. It was a place where couples could enjoy their success, the company of their peers, and each other, away from the younger set.

Sadly, such places are virtually extinct. 

SINZ Social Networking has dedicated itself to the idea that adults should always have a place to call their own and that nights are better when anything can happen.

If you remember what it was like to own the night, enjoy great cocktails, dance with your partner and be part of an innocent (or not) flirtation, then read on.

You may decide to become one of us and Live a Little! 

SINZ Social Networking was founded in 2004 as a private, members-only social organization. It was created on the basic principle that our culture has turned its back on the idea that adults, specifically couples need places and events to enjoy without the 'family-friendly' atmosphere that permeates our present-day society.

Our membership has grown to include 1000's of couples from all across New England. Nearly all of our couples are probably just like you - careers, mortgages, kids, college, etc. We love it all and can't imagine our lives without it but we also love to get away from it! Leave the kids at home, put away the bills and job and remember what it was like to enjoy each other, to feel alive and special. Rediscover the passion between you and have the chance to explore and redefine your relationship.

Why couples? Because we are a couple, and we simply got tired of having nowhere to go. Singles have their bars but that scene was no longer for us. The few clubs that offered dancing were populated by twenty-somethings, playing music that we couldn't relate to. We ended up sitting by ourselves with no one to interact or converse with.

Some say if you can't beat them join them. They are wrong. Instead of joining them, we decided to start our own club and set our own rules. 14 years, hundreds of events, and thousands of members later, we think maybe we had the right idea.

Let me close by saying that SINZ is not for the highly conservative or even the moderately conservative. We are not referring to your political orientation. SINZ creates a highly intimate, sexually charged environment for our clientele. Remember, we are about PASSION. If you are offended by overt sexual images, pubic displays of affection, or alternative lifestyles then SINZ is not for you. Members are NEVER forced to participate in anything that makes them uncomfortable. You are free to sit and simply enjoy yourselves and your evening, however all our members are required to be open-minded, non-judgmental and above all be ready to Live a Little!


The SINZ Team

PS: SINZ is a legally operating entity, incorporated in the State of NH. To attend events you must be a couple, or a single female. Single males may register as members and participate online via our social network, but cannot attend events. This is explained more fully under our Membership page.