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New England's Premiere Couples Experience


Once there was a time when adults ruled the night. We had places called 'nightclubs' where anything could happen (and often did), where memories were made, the music was loud, men talked politics & sports and the women were simply amazing. It was a place where couples could enjoy their success, the company of their peers, and each other, away from the younger set.

Sadly, such places are virtually extinct. 

SINZ Social Networking has dedicated itself to the idea that adults should always have a place to call their own and that nights are better when anything can happen.

If you remember what it was like to own the night, enjoy great cocktails, dance with your partner and be part of an innocent (or not) flirtation, then read on.

You may decide to become one of us and Live a Little! 

In keeping with our mission to provide you with the highest level of service, experience, discretion and exclusivity, SINZ has joined with dozens of the largest clubs across the country in adopting the ML platform to manager its membership. We feel that this program will benefit our loyal member base while allowing us to achieve our goals to take SINZ to the next level.

If you were a registered member of SINZ prior to January 4th, 2015 (meaning you had registered on our website), you have been granted a GOLD membership through March 31st, 2015 at which time your membership will revert to a BASIC membership*. Effective April 1st, 2015 anyone attending a SINZ event must be a registered member which will require proof of membership at the door.

(*if you are a paid lifetime member of Moresomes, you will remain at that level and your Moresomes lifetime status will not revert on April 1st)

During this period (through March 31st, 2015), we strongly encourage our members to activate your membership so that your can begin to take advantage of the benefits GOLD members are entitled to.

SINGLE FEMALES - Ladies will be granted a special FEMALE GOLD MEMBERSHIP free of charge which does not expire. Standard cover charges remain in place for the ladies. To get your FEMALE GOLD MEMBERSHIP you must create a new member profile.

  Basic Gold
Attend Events Yes Yes
Weekly Newsletter Yes Yes
Social Networking Limited Yes
Incentive & Loyalty Programs No Yes
ROISSY Intimates Discount No Yes
Online Ticketing Fees Waived No Yes
Special Gold Member-Only Events No Yes
Advanced pre-sale tickets to major events No Yes
Special pricing on all VIP packages No Yes
SINZ Inner Circle Eligibility No Yes
Standard Event Cover Charge $50 $30

All members, BASIC or GOLD, will be able to access a scan-able bar code from their member profile, directly on from their smart phone. This will be scanned  as proof of membership and member level, and to record your attendance for loyalty programs. If you have paid in advance, you will be automatically checked in.

You can choose to become a Gold Member at any time, you can even purchase a ticket at the Gold Member price that includes Gold Membership. If you are a Gold Member and purchase additional membership months they are added to your account, extending your expiration date.

If you hold membership with another ML affiliated club such as ShareNation, Friction, Bronze Party or many other national clubs please send us your information. We will honor your membership at SINZ!

As part of the ML platform you will also be able to buy tickets for events at other ML clubs directly through  the SINZ Member Services portal.

Ready to get started and claim your Gold Membership? Click HERE, your registered SINZ email will be recognized when you start the profile creation process.

Questions? Email Us